Composer Help Button Plugin Example


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Did you know there is a help button in the composer window?

Click Reply, and see for yourself!


I think something is broken with this plugin too

(full name) #3

It works fine for me…


I don’t know what’s happened…

That’s what I see open this sandbox with chrome:

I can see my avatar (because I reply to you) but I cannot see my post and your reply to it.
I will take a look to my pc.

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Are you logged in? As I was testing a CSS change for a topic on Meta. (I disabled the CSS change)

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This is resolved, it wasn’t due to any Discourse changes perse, well sort of, but I just need to update the URL to be a more “public” URL. Instead of linking to a topic in the Staff category.


Yep, now I can see the composer help :grinning: